We demand a stop to the ‘black privatization’ of Ukraine’s gas transport system

17:21 26.02.2018

Batkivshchyna faction head Yulia Tymoshenko says the current government headed by President Petro Poroshenko is preparing to illegally privatize the Ukrainian gas transport system and the gas extraction company UkrGasVydobuvannya.

“Two lobbied bills on the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada are the start of the shadow corrupt process of black privatization of the Ukrainian gas transport system and UkrGasVydobuvannya,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during a briefing after the coordinating council of faction and parliamentary committee heads.

According to the politician, these are strategic state properties “worth hundreds of billions of dollars that are being prepared for privatization behind closed doors.” The parliamentarian appealed to the country’s leadership to stop this disgraceful process, otherwise Batkivshchyna will appeal to law enforcement.

“I am warning you, Mr. President, and your puppet head of Naftogas Ukraine: if this happens, we will go to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine to open a criminal case into this corruption,” she stressed.

“Take your dirty corrupt hands off the gas transport system and UkrGasVydobuvannya, where all Ukrainian natural gas is being produced,” she added.

Yulia Tymoshenko also said that the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada for this session week has other corrupt laws.

“Poroshenko through his puppet deputies and the coordinating council is adding these bills to the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada and they are trying to get new preferences from this,” the parliamentarian said.