We must differentiate between external influences and care about national interests (VIDEO)

22:18 15.05.2018

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes that Ukraine is being influenced from outside, but there is a difference between positive aspects, such as the support of the US, EU and IMF, and negative external influence such as the the desire of some large transnational financial oligocracies to gain advantages with the help of the corrupt Ukrainian leadership.

“I would distinguish between support and the negative aspects – the desire to benefit. For example, we have the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, we cooperate with the IMF, Ukraine also has powerful friends in the US, EU and other countries who support us against Russia’s external aggression. In this case I wouldn’t consider this an element of external control, because we are talking about solidarity and a desire to help us through a difficult situation,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during an appearance on channel NewsOne.

According to the politician, there are also “those who want to cynically make money on Ukraine” such as “some large transnational financial oligarchies” that with assistance by the current authorities are using Ukraine’s resources and capabilities.

“These formation are like hungry sharks swimming in the global space who have no connection to any country but have a good appetite. And when there is a weak victim in the global space that has weak, non-intellectual, corrupt leadership, that is bleeding from war and wrong decisions – then it becomes the prey,” the politician explained.

Yulia Tymoshenko also stressed that Batkivshchyna, with the support of Ukrainian society, intends to “destroy the system of clans within the country,” but that it is also important “to talk about outside structures that see us a easy prey.”

The politician also stressed that according to different polls, more than 70% of Ukrainians believe Ukraine is being controlled from outside.

“Everyone feels there is external control, that neither the Government nor the president or NBU make independent and clear decisions,” the Batkivshchyna Party leader said.

The parliamentarian urged Ukrainians to be vigilant of the situation inside and outside the country, and to rally around the defense of the country.

“There is this idea that everyone only wants to help Ukraine get back on its feet and make it a stronger competitor. But every nation or transnational corporation thinks about itself, its own interests, its GDP,” she said.

“Only Ukrainians can care about Ukraine. We need to take care of ourselves and understand that nobody in the world needs us as a competitor, that only we can work in our interests and make ourselves stronger,” the politician explained.

Yulia Tymoshenko said Ukraine has all the necessary resources to prosper: mineral wealth, fertile land, technological development, central transit location, and is 6th in the UN’s education rankings. Therefore, “we must take our lives into our own hands, and not rely on anyone else.”