We should be supporting farmers instead of selling land

15:11 28.09.2019

Batkivshchyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko says her party strongly opposes the sale of agricultural land under the current conditions, because the opening of the land market under the bill proposed by the authorities will allow agricultural land to be sold to foreigners, blocks the development of farms and endangers the future of the country’s food security.

“Land is a major factor in every country’s national security. In Ukraine, 24.4% of agricultural land is state-owned. The bill on the sale of land provides for the sale of 100% of agricultural land, which directly contradicts all national security doctrines,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the talk show “Freedom of Speech with Savik Shuster” on channel TRK Ukraina.

The politician noted that the government bill on the sale of land is inadmissible because it will allow the sale of land to citizens of other countries, as well as to legal entities owned by foreigners. She reiterated that the correct strategy for the development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine is through proper state support for the development of farms, small and medium-sized agricultural producers.

“Then we will have millions of jobs for Ukrainians, profits, and most importantly, quality agricultural products. I still believe that we can stop the new team from going down the wrong path by passing on our experience to finally make the agrarian complex strong and so that our farmers can make the country strong, wealthy and successful. This will happen, believe in it,” said the head of the Batkivshchyna Party.