We will end the war and corruption and increase living standards

11:38 09.03.2019

Yulia Tymoshenko, presidential candidate and Batkivshchyna Party Leader, says that if elected she will fulfill a number of keys demands of society: end the war and renew peace in Ukraine, eliminate corruption, increase living standards, pensions and wages.

“We must end the war immediately and start real negotiations in the Budapest memorandum format. We will end corruption, including related to the war. We will also increase pensions and wages,” Yulia Tymoshenko said on the program “Main Topic. Choice” on channel Ukraina.

The politician noted that in the past 5 years pensions in foreign currency values shrunk in half and wages 1.4 times, which is preventing citizens from “investing in their own economy.”

Yulia Tymosenko is proposing her New Course for Ukraine, a program aimed at moving to an econony based on innovation and new industrialization, a change in tax and credit policy.

Another important element of reform is the introduction of a personalized pension system

She says a new Tax Code is needed that will expand the tax base and lower the tax burden, and lower interest on business loans to 3%.

“We will change the policy of the NBU, which today is profiting on reserves and inflationary processes. And everyone involved will be held accountable,” she said.