We will return dignity to the teaching profession

13:44 06.10.2019

Several times a year, including on the first Sunday in October, people remember teachers. They buy them flowers, give them compliments, write nice things about them on social networks… On all other days of the year, teachers and educators simply tirelessly and quietly work for others… Without unnecessary reminders about themselves…

There is probably no other profession in the world that is so necessary for man.

A person can become anything – a politician, a minister, an actor, a businessman. But above all, they should become a decent person. This isn’t taught in the classroom or through textbooks, but this “status” forms in school. We often forget about this and only remember “grades and lessons.”

In today’s world, where knowledge and information have become the most important resource, the source of wealth of nations and people, it is the teaching profession that has becoming paramount and decisive. A society will have no chance of breakthrough until its teachers have decent living conditions. There can be no rich and prosperous country where the teachers are poor. This is an axiom!

In my opinion, teaching should become the number one profession in the modern world. Those countries that understand this first will be the leaders!

Happy Teacher’s Day! A sincere heartfelt thanks for your great work! I promise not to forget about you, your needs, your troubles and your demands!

We will return dignity to the teaching profession in Ukraine!

Yulia Tymoshenko