We will talk about a new path to peace in Donbas at the security conference in Munich

14:42 17.02.2018

Representatives of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna Party have gone to the Munich Security Conference to discuss and develop a new way of establishing peace in Ukraine.

“It is time to start a discussion and work out a new way of establishing peace in Ukraine. We – our team and I personally – intend to dedicate all our meetings held during the Munich Security Conference to this issue. A new way to peace can bring real peace, and Ukraine must fight for this,” Yulia Tymoshenko said in an interview on Inter channel, commenting on the participation of representatives of Batkivshchyna in the Munich Security Conference.

The parliamentarian said that it is time to talk about bringing an international peacekeeping mission that would be deployed along the state border between Ukraine and Russia.

“International peacekeeping forces are acceptable only along the border between Ukraine and Russia,” she said.

The politician added that attention needs to be given to the process of establishing an international civil administration, Ukrainian laws and authority in occupied territories of Donbas.

“This is the package that can bring peace, allow people to return to where they once lived, and most importantly – end the war!” the politician said.

She also called for talks on the creation of a global fund for the renewal of Donbas that would bring Ukraine investment and create thousands of jobs.