What’s important is unity, not the presidential election

21:27 17.04.2019

You know what worries me the most right now? Everyone around me is arguing over the second round of the elections. I’m sure it’s the same with you.

Some are saying there will be armageddon after April 21. Others say that everything will be amazing. But friends, there won’t be one or the other. After April 21 there will be April 22. And relations between people will be destroyed. We have to stop this political overdose in our daily life and return to normalcy from from the political war.

Our unity, not the election of the president, will ensure that everything in the country will be fine.
Every newly elected president starts his speech with the following words: “I will be the President of all Ukrainians”… Let’s all be Ukrainians for all Ukrainians. This is very important!

Yulia Tymoshenko