Yulia Tymoshenko meets with German Special Envoy Georg Milbradt

18:55 04.04.2018

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko has met with Georg Milbradt, Special Envoy of the German Government to Ukraine. They discussed the political and socioeconomic situation in Ukraine and shared views on the progress of reforms in Ukraine, including decentralization and civil service reform, and further steps needed in this direction.

“Thank you for this opportunity to meet and hear your position on decentralization reform in Ukraine. I think this process in Ukraine should be moving faster,” Georg Milbradt said.

Yulia Tymoshenko thanked him for the opportunity to exchange ideas and informed him about the process of unifying territorial communities in Ukraine and decentralization bills being considered by the Verkhovna Rada.


The politician stressed that Batkivshchyna supports giving communities, especially small towns and villages, more authority to manager their revenues and land, and supports the development of small farming.

“Our political party will continue to do everything possible for this,” the Batkivshchyna leader said.

The politician also thanked Georg Milbradt for the German Government’s support of strategic reforms in Ukraine.

“You are our neighbors. We are interested in Ukraine being successful,” the German Special Envoy said.