Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Italian Ambassador Davide La Cecilia

19:25 20.04.2018

Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko has met with Italian Ambassador to Ukraine Davide La Cecilia to discuss the political and socioeconomic situation in Ukraine and cooperation between the two states.

“I am very happy to meet with you again. It is very important for us to maintain contact with you personally and the Batkivshchyna Party to learn about how things are going in Ukraine, in particular the situation with the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court and repeal of e-declarations for civil society organizations,” said the Italian ambassador, whose country currently chairs the OSCE.

Yulia Tymoshenko stressed that Batkivshchyna supports the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court and said that her faction introduced a bill with all the changes required by the Venice Commission. She also said it was important to repeal the law on e-declarations for civil society.

“But, unfortunately there is no political will in Ukraine for such important decisions,” the politician said.

They also discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine and issues related to the annexation of Crimea.

Yulia Tymoshenko thanked the EU for its support and stressed that sanctions against Russia as the aggressor country must continue.

Ambassador Davide La Cecilia stressed that Italy supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

They also discussed the elections in amalgamated territorial communities to be held on May 29, 2018.

Yulia Tymoshenko drew attention to the increased pressure on candidates from opposition parties and local party leaders, as well as the worsening situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine.

In addition, the parties also emphasized the importance that a balanced CEC is formed as quickly as possible in which no one political force dominates.