Yulia Tymoshenko’s New Year and Christmas message

20:53 31.12.2018

We will soon usher in 2019.

Usually in the new year we hope for renewal, that our dreams and plans come to fruition.

But these are very difficult times in Ukraine and unfortunately problems come more often than peace and joy.

Therefore, today I want to ask you: despite all these problems, despite all your justified complaints – believe! Believe that things will get better, believe in a peaceful and successful tomorrow.

Because faith and hope are very important! A person who does not give up is a strong person! And you are strong.

Our faith is not in vain. Next year is very important. It is a year of real change.

I am convinced that we have lived through the hardest and most difficult years in the history of our Independence. Things will definitely get better. We, Ukrainians, have earned the right to live in peace and happiness. Spring will come and right away we will start building a new, just, successful country and a new decent life for everyone.

Very soon we will bring order in our own home, we will build the rich and beautiful Ukraine that we dream of and we all deserve.

I propose that we start the new year with unity and love for one another. We do not have enough of this. As long as each of us in our own right and against all, we are scared, we are weakened, we are alone. When we are united, we are strong and invincible. In unity we can never be overcome by anyone.

And one more thing… Let’s remember every day and every moment that we, Ukrainians, are the best in the world! This will give us that insurmountable strength that will help us pass any test, overcome any obstacles and, most importantly, restore peace.

I wish with all my heart that happiness comes to our homes, that peace and harmony reign again, that our most cherished dreams come true.

May God help us all!

In the new year we will live differently! I believe in this!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Glory to Ukraine!

Yulia Tymoshenko