Batkivshchyna battalion attacked by Grad missiles

11:20 13.08.2014

One soldier was killed and three were wounded on August 12 when the Batkivshchyna battalion near Horlivka was attacked by Grad missiles fired by pro-Russian fighters.

“Our battalion was attacked. We have losses. One of our soldiers died, three more were injured,” said the deputy commander of the Batkivshchyna battalion, Marat Suleymanov.

The volunteers are waiting for orders to liberate the city of Horlivka. He also said the terrorist have begun working in small mobile groups and are trying to gain positions close to the battalion to then open fire.

The terrorists are being stopped by surveillance groups organized by the Batkivshchyna battalion.

Marat Suleymanov also said police units are taking control of territories following their liberation by the battalions.

In May 2014 the 34th territorial battalion “Batkivshchyna” was created in the Kirovohrad oblast. Its 421 members vary in age and most have professional combat and peacekeeping experience in various countries of the world. The Batkivshchyna battalion underwent a two-month training and is now fighting pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukrainian army.

Yulia Tymoshenko announced the creation of the Resistance Movement in April 2014.