Batkivshchyna Battalion loses another soldier

15:30 12.01.2015

Andriy Sokolenko of the 34th Battalion “Batkivshchyna” died in hospital on Jan. 9 from injuries sustained four months ago.

“Andriy was one of the best soldiers. He was a real man. He could never tell a lie. In addition to being honest, he was remarkably courageous. He was at the front of the battle line and never even wore body armor,” soldier Roman recalled.

Andriy Sokolenko was seriously injured in an attack on a checkpoint held by the Batkivshchyna Battalion. “He rescued us that day. But the last shell landed near Andriy. He got to shelter on his own and only then did we see he was wounded. He didn’t want treatment but we forced him to see doctors. Only later did they find out that he had shell fragments throughout his body,” Roman added.

During his funeral, residents of the apartment building where Andriy lived decided to put up a memorial plaque in his honor.

Andriy Sokolenko voluntarily enlisted in the 34th Battalion “Batkivshychyna” at the start of the anti-terrorist operation. The battalion recently joined with the 57th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.