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We should remain human beings despite the...

18:08 12.04.2019

"What I saw pains the soul of every Ukrainian because I saw the destruction of the status of the post of President and the humiliation


Poroshenko broke through to the second...

18:19 02.04.2019

"Our fight for a just Ukraine is not over and the chance lost in the first round of the presidential election is only one lost


Protocols will show us making it to the...

21:34 31.03.2019

"Based on the facts and figures we received, we are convinced that the exit polls announcing Petro Poroshenko in the second round as not true.


Today begins a historical step for Ukraine

12:14 31.03.2019

"Today Ukraine moved its clocks forward and I believe that we too will take a step forward to being a successful, prosperous and European Ukraine.


I believe Ukraine will pass a historic...

23:56 29.03.2019

"I believe that Ukraine will pass this test and this time manipulation will not work. We should on this historic day - March 31 -


My life’s mission is to restore...

22:45 29.03.2019

"I want to be part of that generation that leaves their children and grandchildren a happy Ukraine, not destruction"


I was unable to debate my political...

22:41 29.03.2019

"It's a shame that two candidate with high ratings couldn't find the time, or rather the bravery and courage, to debate"


Together we will win the battle for Ukraine

21:34 29.03.2019

"I know that Ukraine has a bright future. But we all need to work for it. March 31 could become a historical turning point for


The new President will start a dialogue...

10:39 29.03.2019

"If the new President sits down with the current parliament to make a deal then he should leave the job"


I appeal to women – let’s...

10:37 29.03.2019

"Ukraine will be a peaceful, fair, modern and prosperous country. I believe in this"