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I urge society not to react to the...

15:24 22.02.2019

“I appeal to Ukrainian society to be wise, prepared psychologically and morally for endless provocations by the top leadership of the SBU and the GPU,


Top 5 election falsification methods by...

14:39 22.02.2019

“Unfortunately, the current President, Petro Poroshenko, decided that he cannot win the election and therefore he decided to buy it”


Monetization of subsidies is a technology...

22:24 21.02.2019

“The cynicism of this technology is that the government, on the eve of the elections decided to grant subsidies for utilities in cash, and then


We’ll return Ukrainian ports’...

18:19 21.02.2019

“The New Course for Ukraine is a step-by-step plan and we have a team of people who know exactly what to do”


Innovation will mean a strong economy

15:01 21.02.2019

“I want to thank you for what you do for Ukraine. I am overcome with pride and very impressed by what I saw. Our hope


We call on the Interior Ministry to stop...

13:41 19.02.2019

“Today I am at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to prevent a crime that is being committed throughout the territory of Ukraine -


Ukraine will see a reboot of power...

15:27 18.02.2019

“Our team has a chance during this Munich conference to speak with key leaders to formulate a vision of what to do after the presidential


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with IMF Managing...

18:55 16.02.2019

They discussed the socio-economic situation in Ukraine, prospects for economic growth, and cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF


We will not make any compromises with the...

17:14 16.02.2019

“You can be sure that our team will be tough in defending Ukraine. No compromises that, God forbid, touch upon Ukraine's interests will be accepted.


The authorities are new, but their methods...

15:06 15.02.2019

“If you're going to lose, lose with dignity. Like in Europe, which you fervently speak about at first chance”