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Ukrainians are against the sale of land...

15:21 09.10.2019

"Our land should belong to those who live and work on it - Ukrainians"


We will return dignity to the teaching...

13:44 06.10.2019

"Happy Teacher's Day! A sincere heartfelt thanks for your great work! I promise not to forget about you, your needs, your troubles and your


Steinmeier Formula is a threat to...

10:01 02.10.2019

We ask the president to urgently gather the leaders of the parliamentary factions and explain in detail what was signed in Minsk and what has


Rada must urgently consider stopping the...

13:28 01.10.2019

“Firstly, I call for the immediate adoption of the law on referendum by popular initiative, as the President promised. Secondly, a national referendum must be


We should be supporting farmers instead of...

15:11 28.09.2019

“Land is a major factor in every country's national security. In Ukraine, 24.4% of agricultural land is state-owned. The bill on the sale of land


We demand that the President hold a...

23:21 26.09.2019

"Based on President Volodymyr Zelensky's election campaign, I appeal to him on behalf of the Batkivshchyna Party, requesting that an all-Ukrainian referendum be held to


Opening the land market is a threat to...

12:06 24.09.2019

“As Volodymyr Zelensky promised, all important issues for the country should begin with a referendum. We should ask Ukrainians whether or not to sell land.


Sale of farmland should be decided through...

14:11 20.09.2019

“Farms and small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises should receive the full support of the state to process raw materials grown on the land into finished


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Elmar Brok

14:57 12.09.2019

She informed him about the situation in Ukraine and her party's vision for the systemic changes needed in the country


Deputies will become equal with the people...

18:30 30.08.2019

"Batkivshchyna will be unanimous in the final vote for these historic changes to the Constitution"