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I welcome the decision of the UN maritime...

00:00 26.05.2019

"Like everyone else, I look forward to seeing our heroes return home from captivity"


Remembering Markian Ivashchyshyn…

19:09 21.05.2019

"Epochs begin and end with people. Contemporaries don't notice this... Historians will write about it later"


The dissolution of the Rada was a...

15:08 21.05.2019

"Article 106 of the Constitution of Ukraine states that the President has the right to terminate the powers of the parliament if there is no


On the 75th anniversary of the deportation...

13:43 19.05.2019

Today we honor the victims of political repression and the 75th anniversary of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars…a significant event for Ukraine. At international


The vyshyvanka is a symbol of our...

15:09 16.05.2019

"The vyshyvanka is our strength and protector! It improves our soul, softens our heart, and forces us to think about the fate of Ukraine"


The new President should investigate...

14:32 13.05.2019

"I advise the new President of Ukraine to establish a National Commission to investigate corruption by the old government and make it a supranational body


The President should have a chance to do...

15:55 27.04.2019

"It's time for the next President to name his candidates for post of defense and foreign minister, head of the SBU"


Remembering the Chornobyl tragedy…

16:18 26.04.2019

"Thirty-three years have passed but the wound hasn't healed. The pain continues"


What’s important is unity, not the...

21:27 17.04.2019

"Let's be Ukrainians for all Ukrainians"


I offer my condolences and support in...

20:12 16.04.2019

"It is terrible to see such a symbol of world culture engulfed in flames"