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Obtaining the patriarchy will complete the...

13:08 15.01.2019

“An independent local Orthodox Church with a Tomos is our important achievement. But this is not the end of the process”


I congratulate Ukraine on the signing of...

18:15 05.01.2019

"The Tomos is a symbol of Ukraine's spiritual identity and a push towards unity"


The government’s each step must take...

14:51 03.01.2019

“This is not populism, it is necessity. This is the only possible way for authorities who respect their own people and their own country”


Yulia Tymoshenko’s New Year and...

20:53 31.12.2018

“Despite all these problems, despite all your justified complaints – believe! Believe that things will get better, believe in a peaceful and successful tomorrow”


Let’s create a chain of unity on the...

14:44 22.12.2018

“I propose to go out on the street and in a sign of goodwill stand side by side and build a symbolic chain of unity


I demand a stop to political repressions...

11:40 21.12.2018

“I appeal personally to Petro Poroshenko: stop! Do not disgrace yourself and the country! You have 4 months left in power”


The moratorium on land sale is...

18:32 20.12.2018

“I appeal to all deputies to vote for the extension of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land. This is a very significant vote


Emigration resembles escape – the...

16:45 18.12.2018

“In order to stop massive migration, we must give people an alternative and create conditions for a normal, civilized, decent life”


I call for the moratorium on the sale of...

11:12 18.12.2018

“If we want to protect the independence of our state, its territorial integrity and future, then we are obliged to vote for the prolongation of


A moratorium on land sale is in the...

12:59 17.12.2018

“I ask that Batkivshchyna's bill No. 5476 be included in the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada and be supported”