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The current course is wrong, the oligarch...

00:14 21.06.2018

“If we don't get rid of the oligarch clan consensus, if we don't replace the oligarch clan system of governance, we won't be able to


We need a new model of government – my 16...

20:49 20.06.2018

“My 16 proposals for a new social contract will eliminate the chaos, corruption, disorder, dual power and other flaws in the current Constitution”.


I am running for president – it’s...

17:13 20.06.2018

“If if happens that I win the presidential election, I would like to immediately hold a referendum to adopt a new Constitution as a new


Crimea and Donbas will be returned to...

17:05 20.06.2018

“Every Ukrainian, and I as a Ukrainian, will not be calm until Crimea and Donbas are returned to Ukraine. This negotiation process should be held


We took the first step – hard work...

20:34 15.06.2018

“Today's forum is only the first step towards our joint work. Today we will start to form working groups on the basis of the identified


We need a parliamentary republic with a...

20:16 15.06.2018

“I want to put up for discussion a parliamentary system with a chancellor. This form of government is stronger than a presidential one and will


The political class uses the courts to...

20:05 15.06.2018

“The political class brazenly takes advantage of the courts. We propose a way out of this shameful situation”


I know how and with whom to negotiate peace

18:14 15.06.2018

“Ukraine needs peace like it needs air. The war has become a screen to cover up the government's corrupt and senseless policies that are making


All-Ukrainian public associations should...

16:40 15.06.2018

“For the first time in the history of Ukraine we propose creating all-Ukrainian public associations: for example, those who deal with entrepreneurship will be united


It’s time to start the process of...

14:56 15.06.2018

“If we truly want to re-establish our state, the first step is to start developing a new social contract,” Yulia Tymoshenko said during the All-Ukrainian