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Referendums will give society real...

17:26 17.08.2018

“This will change the country because officials, the president, deputies and ministers will listen to and be afraid of society”


A new Constitution will give power to the...

16:13 14.08.2018

“We need to work together – all of society, intellectuals from all institutions – to develop a new people's Constitution”


Parliamentary form of government gives the...

18:10 10.08.2018

“We will be able to build the foundation for a strong country with a strong economy, where civil rights and freedoms will be protected and


Let’s honor the Crimean Tatars – an...

15:33 09.08.2018

“Today the UN commemorates the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. And today I would like us together to pay tribute to our brothers


People need conditions to live a decent...

14:55 06.08.2018

“I really want to create conditions for people to have good jobs in their native country, for them to want to live here and not


Who is our nation’s moral authority...

11:20 28.07.2018

“As a rule, this is the most discussed issue during debates on the 'New Course.' People easily recall moral authorities of the past, from history,


Ukraine’s children are creative and...

20:39 22.07.2018

“Our children are our country's strategic priority, and our task is for all their talents and abilities to be fully realized”


Terrorizing of Batkivshchyna has reached...

12:39 17.07.2018

“The terror against our political structure has reached new heights. Full-scale political repression has returned to Ukraine”


A correct peace strategy and strong...

16:04 11.07.2018

“Today we would like to talk with you about the challenges the country faces in building a strong army with soldiers that have everything they


A new Constitution will give Ukrainians...

10:16 10.07.2018

“Today we should be thinking about how to change the rules and conditions of our life, and that is why we are talking about a