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Changes require a strong team, a strategy...

08:58 24.05.2019

"Besides good intentions, Ukraine needs a strong, professional and dedicated team. Direct cooperation between the new authorities and society is the way forward"


We need proper talks, pressure on Russia...

07:46 24.05.2019

"The return to peace and the occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea is a multi-vector process... We need to immediately sit down at the right


The Rada wasn’t able to change the...

18:53 22.05.2019

"An absolute majority of deputies in parliament do not want any changes. They want to present the old electoral system where they can buy their


A new electoral system without a...

14:38 22.05.2019

We need to urgently change our election law because it is the basis of the political system in Ukraine. Let’s vote for a new electoral


We urge parliament to pass electoral...

15:43 21.05.2019

"We proposed that the President replace the heads of the Prosecutor General's Office, SBU, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs"


This parliament ‘earned’ snap...

18:33 20.05.2019

"But this parliament still has work to do. The first is to pass the new law on elections that people have been waiting for"


Congratulations to the winners of the...

18:45 16.05.2019

A language lives when it is spoken. Today the winners of the Petro Yatsyk Ukrainian Language Competition were awarded in Kyiv. This event has little


A new coalition and government are the...

12:53 14.05.2019

"The parliament has to not only decide the date of the inauguration of the new President of Ukraine but also whether it will stand with


We need a new coalition and government to...

13:29 13.05.2019

"I believe that regardless of whether we hold regular or special elections, the main discussion should be about the creation of a new coalition in


In honor of Day of Remembrance and...

11:32 08.05.2019

May 8 and 9 are special days for Ukraine… The day of the end of World War II in Europe, Victory Day, Day of Remembrance