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We call for a moratorium on gas tariff...

11:58 16.10.2018

“Increasing the price of gas, heat and everything related with it by 23% means firing the last shot at one's own people”


Autocephaly of the Ukrainian church is the...

11:21 16.10.2018

“All the forces of our state and people should be aimed at ensuring that the unification is peaceful”


Congratulations on the Day of Ukrainian...

10:52 14.10.2018

“I congratulate everyone on the occasion of the Pokrova, with the holiday of the Ukrainian Army! I wish you all strength and inspiration. I wish


Soldiers and their families deserve a...

09:24 14.10.2018

“We will definitely return peace to Ukraine. This is the task of the new government, because without peace our citizens cannot have safe lives”

Together we will improve the New Economic...

15:44 12.10.2018

“On October 19 a forum will be held gathering hundreds of experts, analysts, economists, finance experts, entrepreneurs and leaders of business associations to revise the


The Tomos is a way to unity and peace: I...

10:19 12.10.2018

"This is a great event that will define the history of the country, the history of the nation for many years, maybe even centuries"


Innovation and creativity will make...

20:30 10.10.2018

“A raw material economy will never provide such explosive opportunities to increase GDP and economic recovery as an innovative development model. Either we switch to

Poroshenko should be held responsible for...

20:07 09.10.2018

“This has to do with the quality and professionalism of both the commander-in-chief and everyone who is personally responsible for these explosions at warehouses, for


This government cannot protect the country

14:36 09.10.2018

“Military ammunition depots explode regularly throughout the territory. Today there was a terrible catastrophe in Ichnia in the Chernihiv region”


Good working conditions and decent pay for...

16:21 05.10.2018

“I thank our educators for the diligent and hard work they do basically as volunteers - because they give all their strength, time and soul