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I congratulate Ukraine on the creation of...

19:12 15.12.2018

“The Ukrainian nation has been endeavoring this event for centuries”


The Budapest format, a strong army and...

01:38 14.12.2018

“Immediately after the inauguration, I plan to initiate negotiations in the Budapest format and put those countries at the negotiating table that in 1994 gave


We must rely only on ourselves to build a...

00:00 14.12.2018

“If someone tells you that everyone in the world wants Ukraine to be a strong and powerful competitor - with its land, resources and the


Decent wages will stop labor migration

17:11 11.12.2018

“We will make decent salaries and pensions, make Ukrainian families solvent, or we will be uncompetitive, we will not have an internal market of sale,


Accessible micro-credits for profitable...

16:45 11.12.2018

“We will provide everyone who wants to do business with an opportunity”


I urge young people to join in building...

14:49 11.12.2018

“I believe that if as many young people as possible come to all levels of government, then the country can be changed. In a country


Corruption will be overcome – I...

17:39 09.12.2018

“I'm tired of hearing from politicians that corruption can not be overcome. This is cynicism and blasphemy”


I support the termination of the...

13:52 06.12.2018

“I want to add that this is my personal position and that of Batkivshchyna”


Congratulations on Armed Forces Day!

10:58 06.12.2018

“You taught us to be proud and strong, you gave Ukraine hope and dignity”


Yulia Tymoshenko meets with Kurt Volker

09:48 05.12.2018

Parties discussed the situation in Ukraine, in particular the escalation of the Russian war against Ukraine with the latest developments in the Kerch Strait