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New CEC must be independent and...

13:23 19.04.2018

“Batkivshchyna proposes that the new CEC have representatives of all parliament factions and that part of the CEC be formed by civil society”


A single local Orthodox Church should...

13:08 19.04.2018

“If we want success, prosperity, happiness and faith for our people then we must be united. A single local Orthodox Church as the spiritual foundation


Together with doctors we are creating a...

16:17 18.04.2018

“I would like to talk with doctors who have to directly implement this medical reform – what are the problems. And most importantly – I


The country is on the verge of Chernobyl...

11:39 17.04.2018

“Thousands of nuclear power plant workers are protesting because the nuclear industry is being destroyed. We demand an urgent reaction from the government and president,


The government’s report is a...

17:12 16.04.2018

“I don't care the name of the prime minister under this president, because they will all have one surname and cover up the same schemes”


Private pension funds are another...

17:09 16.04.2018

“Private pension funds will convince people to give them their money through big advertising on television. But when they go bankrupt, there will be no


The government is planning a scam...

17:06 16.04.2018

“We are appealing to NABU: a pyramid is being built around debt obligations and the country is being robbed of billions of hryvnias”


We demand registration of resolution...

16:14 16.04.2018

“Batkivshchyna has prepared a draft resolution to require the government on behalf of parliament to submit a Budget Resolution and we have identified the points


We need a Constitution that works (video)

10:09 14.04.2018

“The new team that will come to power after the presidential election must unite society and politicians to adopt a new and balanced Constitution that


We need to return to the Budapest format –...

21:02 13.04.2018

“I believe that if the president of Ukraine wants to end this war, he should raise on the highest global level the issue of the