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Yulia Tymoshenko meets with EU...

16:04 23.11.2017

Yulia Tymoshenko informed him of the situation with the local elections that took place on October 29.


The fifth column has captured high...

17:08 15.11.2017

Today they are trying to weaken, humiliate, eliminate Ukrainians from the middle class, practically helping the occupier.


I thank the Batkivshchyna team for winning...

16:41 15.11.2017

Today a huge army of people, without administrative resources, without access to the media or money, went to the people and showed that the Batkivshchyna


Under slogans of organic production,...

13:47 14.11.2017

The bill allows the Ministry of Agrarian Policy to issue permits to deviate from norms, which is hugely corrupt.


The 2018 budget is deadly: GDP and...

13:00 14.11.2017

The budget they want to push through for 2018 is the final shot that will kill our country: in currency terms the GDP is half,


The oligarchs want a marionette to be...

22:35 06.11.2017

But this person has no idea about economics, or finance, or the crisis, or the war – they just need a marionette in their hands.


2018 Budget is unacceptable, it will lower...

14:09 06.11.2017

The Batkivshchyna faction will categorically not support the government's proposed State Budget for 2018, just like we didn't support their previous budgets.


Law enforcement should investigate...

13:00 06.11.2017

The NABU, Prosecutor General and special anti-corruption prosecutor should investigate this immediately.


Pensioners are shocked by the pension...

12:40 06.11.2017

The so-called 'pension reform' is unfair, tendentious and humiliating to pensioners and should be reviewed again by parliament, which should form a special group –


Batkivshchyna won the elections with 29%...

14:35 02.11.2017

The authorities want to show that, despite the results, Poroshenko is the winner, the leader and a real contender for a second term as president.